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Gaming for Mac just got better.

Allows the Xbox One Controller to be connected to the

Mac and used as an input device.

XBox One, Elite, and new 2015-2016 controller support


Click Here To Download - Version : 1.0 Beta 9

One Handed Keyboard

Specifically designed to be the same size as the iPhone 5s / 5 /4s ... keyboard that you are used to using.

System-wide Autocorrect

Dark Theme / Light Theme

Translucent Views

Designed for left and right handed People

Visualize your training routine as you train.

3D Workout Log Book - Liftometer


Voice mad libs of you and your friends, cartoon style.


Create your own instruments from sounds you record.

Escape from a mysterious planet.


Group Game for up to 7 People - Apple TV Only

Test your skills of perception, reaction, and observation.

TV Tournament

Xbox One Controller Enabler

Support for Mac OS X for the Xbox One Controller. Finally.

Use your iPhone as a controller

As Seen On

See your results

as you train


Last 7 Days

Type with one hand on the iPhone 6 Plus

Track your progress as you workout

Party game for the whole family