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Gaming for Mac just got better.

Allows the Xbox One Controller to be connected to the

Mac and used as an input device.

XBox One, Elite, and new 2015-2016 controller support

Click Here To Download - Version : 1.0 Beta 9

One Handed Keyboard

Specifically designed to be the same size as the iPhone 5s / 5 /4s ... keyboard that you are used to using.

System-wide Autocorrect

Dark Theme / Light Theme

Translucent Views

Designed for left and right handed People

Visualize your training routine as you train.

3D Workout Log Book - Liftometer


Voice mad libs of you and your friends, cartoon style.


Create your own instruments from sounds you record.

Escape from a mysterious planet.


Group Game for up to 7 People - Apple TV Only

Test your skills of perception, reaction, and observation.

TV Tournament

Xbox One Controller Enabler

Support for Mac OS X for the Xbox One Controller. Finally.

Use your iPhone as a controller

As Seen On

See your results

as you train


Last 7 Days

Type with one hand on the iPhone 6 Plus

Track your progress as you workout

Party game for the whole family

Get notifications when your friends are running low on power.

Check their battery status at any time with gravity-animated battery icons. Share your battery status with selected friends, and call them with built-in internet calling.

If you've ever tried to get ahold of someone, but their phone is dead, this app is for all those times when you should have called or messaged a little bit sooner.

Battery Share

Get notified when your friends phones are about to die.

Manual Camera - Webcam Edition

Look great on camera.